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NFRC Certified

NFRC Certified Products

Most of X-press Window Tinting solar films have passed the Product Certification Program (PCP) developed by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). NFRC is a non-profit organization that administers the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows, doors, skylights and attachment products (such as window film).

Why is NFRC certification important to you?

You can rest assured knowing you are buying a product that has been independently certified by a well-respected third party. You can be confident that the product will perform as advertised,and just as important, this certification lets you compare films side-by-side.

NFRC ratings are used by:

  • Architects, builders, code officials, contractors, and homeowners so they can compare different products and make informed product choices.
  • Building officials, state government employees, and others involved in code development and enforcement so they can determine if products meet local codes.
  • Government- and utility-run energy efficiency programs so they can establish performance requirements and standards.
  • Manufacturers so they have a fair and level playing field to compare products and an accurate method of showing the energy benefits of new designs or technology.
X-press Window Tinting Films Certified by NFRC

Solar Control Films:

  • Silver Ag 25 Low-E
  • Silver 50
  • Silver 35
  • Silver 20
  • Bronze/Silver 20
  • Bronze/Silver 15
  • Bronze/Silver/Bronze 10
  • Grey/Silver 20
  • Grey/Silver 15
  • Grey/Silver/Grey 10
  • Quantum/Silver/Quantum 20
  • Quantum/Silver/Quantum 10
  • Sentinel™ Silver 35 OSW (interior and exterior)
  • Sentinel™ Silver 20 OSW (interior and exterior)
  • Sentinel™ 4 Mil Clear (exterior)
  • TrueVue™ 40
  • TrueVue™ 30
  • TrueVue™ 15
  • TrueVue™ 5

Safety Films:

  • 4 Mil Silver 20
  • 8 Mil Silver 20
  • 8 Mil Silver 35
  • 10 Mil Silver 20

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